About the academy


The idea of a Balkan Academy of Sciences and Culture establishment proved to be too actual one and corresponding to the desire of the scientists not only from the Balkan Peninsula, but also to all other in the whole world, because among the founding members of the Balkan Academy there are 36 Bulgarian scientists and experts and 54 scientists (9 academicians, 2 corresponding members, more than 35 professors and doctors of sciences) from foreign academies, universities and scientific institutes from 31 countries, including Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Japan, United States and others.

On April 19th 2001, a Constituents Assembly has been held in the “Earth and Man” National Museum in Sofia; the participants – the founding members – founded the Balkan Academy of Sciences and Culture as a non-profit society, accepted the Statute and the Academic Research Directions and elected the Governing Executive bodies of the Balkan Academy of Sciences and Culture. The General Assembly is the supreme body of the Academy. The Management Council is the managing body of the Academy and the Scientific Council is dealing with the scientific activity of the Academy.

The non-profit society “Balkan Academy of Sciences and Culture” is a juridical person, registered according to the provisions of the Legal Entities with non-profit purposes law.

The Academy is a voluntary society with non-profit purposes and is by no means associated with political parties, societies and organizations, as well as it does not influence the political, ideological and religious positions and opinions of its members.

The Academy is an independent, voluntary, non-governmental, non-political, scientific and cultural public institution uniting outstanding scientists and experts, cultural and educational persons, who are supporting the idea about the necessity of activities for a new, contemporary scientific and educational progress, as well as for an optimal and joint sustainable development of the Balkan countries with all other countries. Being such an organization, the Academy has the following purposes:

  - Development and spreading national and international humanitarian values;
  - Synergic unification, on a fellowship base, the efforts of scientists and experts, dealing with culture and education, in order to be achieved a new scientific and cultural progress by advanced ideas and methods, for establishment of an optimal and common sustainable development of the Balkan countries in continuous interaction with all other countries;
  -To build the bases of new knowledge, education and culture appropriate for the Third Millennium and thus ensure the future prosperity of the Balkan peoples and of the entire mankind;
  - To find scientifically based, humanitarian and practical decisions for the prevention of the Triple Global Disaster (demographic explosion, Earth’s devastation and exhaustion of natural resources).

The means for the Academy purposes achievement are:

  - Performance of joint basic (cognitive, fundamental) and applied research in chosen, contemporary academic branches with the participation of scientists and experts from the Balkan and other countries, in the frameworks of short- and long-time projects.
  - International exchange of ideas and knowledge by annual conferences using also internet - and e-mail - seminars and workshops; by publication of monographs, scientific journals and newspapers, proceedings of the forums, printed in Bulgarian or in English languages or in the language of the respective Balkan country, where the activity is being held.